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iPod nano-chromatic 8GB

Silver, 8 GB, USB 2.0 iPod nano-chromatic 8GB Silver

Rp 1.530.000,00

Detail Produk

  • A musical Genius.
    • The Genius feature finds the songs in your music library that go great together and makes a Genius Playlist for you. It’s like having your own highly intelligent, personal DJ.  
  • Rock and roll over.
    • You can flip through your album art with Cover Flow. Or, vertically speaking, see more albums and artists on the screen at one time.  
  • Let the games begin.
    • They respond to the way you move, so they’re immersive, addictive, and a blast.  
  • Even your photos rock.
    • Your photos look beautiful in their proper aspect ratio on the vibrant, 320-by-240-resolution display.  
  • Find your music faster.
    • Now you can view your album art in Cover Flow. Or just press and hold the Center button to browse by album or artist. When you find the right song, press the Center button to add it to your on-the-go playlist.  
  • Shake your groove thing.
    • Now you can shake to shuffle your music. Just give iPod nano a shake and it shuffles to a different song in your music library.  
  • World’s biggest small screen.
    • Watching movies, TV shows, and videos is big fun on iPod nano. And the high-resolution picture looks crisp and vivid on the 2-inch widescreen display.